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PowerStop S2984 Disc Brake Caliper Set

PowerStop S2984 Disc Brake Caliper Set

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  • PowerStop Performance Brake Calipers are made specifically with the enthusiast in mind.
  • These calipers bolt directly in place of the stock calipers, and they look and perform great behind stock or custom wheels.
  • PowerStop calipers and the brackets are remanufactured in our Chicago, IL facility and treated with a electrostatic high-temperature red powder-coating.
  • The easy to clean powder coating helps to resist rust and corrosion thus extending the life of your calipers.
  • PowerStop calipers are 100% pressure tested to verify piston operation and prevent any possible leaks from occurring.
  • This insures that every caliper is inspected for quality and safety.
  • PowerStop caliper pairs are expertly assembled using new seals, pad retainer pins and pin clips, dust boots, bleeder screws, and brake pad attachment hardware.
  • High temperature EPDM rubber dust boots and premium silicone lubricant is used for a smoother operation and an extended life in extreme conditions.
  • The performance color is a nice touch that really stands out behind your wheels!.


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