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Sustainability is part of our DNA. We provide the best service based on our customers' needs without compromising future generations' abilities. We focus on economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact of climate change and the need for sustainable practices, Autocado recognizes the impact on our environment. At Autocado, we recognize the importance of sustainability and are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting environmentally responsible practices.

One of our primary goals is to reduce waste throughout the entire lifecycle of our products. We have implemented processes to reduce waste during manufacturing and have developed programs to responsibly dispose of end-of-life products and recycle products through our core return program. By recycling and reusing materials, we can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and minimize the environmental impact of our operations.
In addition to waste reduction, we have also chosen energy-efficient partners in manufacturing that support Autocado’s sustainability mindset. This includes using manufacturers that utilize energy-efficient lighting and equipment, optimizing our heating and cooling systems, and promoting employee awareness and participation in energy-saving initiatives. By working with our manufacturers and distributors to reduce energy consumption, we can reduce our carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

Furthermore, we are committed to sourcing materials responsibly. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they share our commitment to sustainability and that the materials we use are responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly. We also prioritize using renewable resources whenever possible and strive to use materials with minimal environmental impact.

Another aspect of our sustainability efforts is our commitment to reducing emissions. We work with our shipping partners to minimize the environmental impact of our transportation and logistics operations, such as choosing delivery options that optimize routes and using fuel-efficient vehicles. 

Finally, Autocado is committed to promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility in every aspect of our business and our partner's business. We participate in industry events and conferences to share our knowledge and experience with others in the automotive industry. We also work closely with our customers to help them reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainable practices in their own operations through our core return program.

Sustainability is a core value at Autocado, and we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting responsible practices throughout the industry. By reducing waste, promoting energy-efficient practices, sourcing materials responsibly, reducing emissions, and promoting sustainability throughout our industry, we can help create a more sustainable future for future generations.   


Social Responsibility

Social responsibility in the automotive parts industry refers to the commitment of manufacturers and retailers to minimize the negative impact of their operations on the environment and society. This includes reducing carbon emissions, using sustainable materials, and implementing ethical labor practices. Autocado prioritizes social responsibility, and we are committed to contributing to a better future for the planet and our customers and associates.  

Autocado's Sustainability & Social Responsibility

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