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Recycled Core Returns Program

In Autocado, we encourage our customers to return those products that have a core charge. We believe recycling is a big part of our social responsibility. We offer our customers credit for returning the used products for recycling. 

Autocado and recycling products that have a core charge

What is a Core Charge?

In some cases, when you buy an aftermarket part, there is a core return. It works similarly to “bottle bills” or container deposit laws, where you get money back for recycling empty soda cans, plastic bottles, etc. Like many other aftermarket retailers, this is one of the ways we’re doing our part to encourage recycling, prevent parts from piling up in landfills, and help protect the environment. Autocado will provide credit for customers who return their qualifying core items and provide free shipping for the return of the core product.

Autocado’s automotive parts recycling and core return programs offer a wide range of benefits for both vehicle owners and the environment. Autocado’s core return program is designed to help minimize waste and conserve resources by reusing components that are still functional rather than discarding them and purchasing new parts and paying you for recycling. 

Utilizing Autocado’s core return product produces a positive impact on the environment. Recycling automotive components help to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills, which can have a significant impact on the environment. By reusing functional components, Autocado’s core return programs help to conserve natural resources and reduce the energy needed to manufacture new parts.

In addition to the cost and environmental benefits, Autocado’s core return programs also help to promote sustainability. Rather than relying solely on new components, Autocado encourages a more circular approach to automotive maintenance and repair. By reusing and recycling components, the overall lifespan of a vehicle can be extended, reducing the need for new parts, and ultimately reducing the vehicle's environmental impact.

Finally, Autocado’s core return program can also help to support local businesses and the economy. Many automotive recycling facilities are small, locally owned businesses that provide jobs and support for the surrounding community. Using the Autocado core returns program; our customers can help support their local economy and promote sustainable practices.

Autocado core return process

If your old core is eligible for a return, please follow the directions below:

  1. Go to the returns menu and select core returns.
  2. Package your core return and print the label and attach it to the package. 
  3. Autocado pays for shipping.
  4. Once we receive your package, we will inspect and issue your core credit to the method of payment you used on your original purchase. 

How to receive the core charge refund

Please note that for core returns, you must use the exact same or similar box in which your replacement part was received. Your core cannot be damaged, but only “non-working” or not usable because of failure. Damaged cores will not receive credit. Fluids must be drained. 

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Contact us at

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