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CARDONE Reman 1C-1005S Steering Column Intermediate Shaft

CARDONE Reman 1C-1005S Steering Column Intermediate Shaft

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The Steering Column Intermediate Shaft (EPS) 1C-1005S is designed to provide superior strength and durability. It is manufactured by CARDONE Reman, a leading remanufacturer of automotive parts, and is designed to fit a variety of models. This shaft is made of high-grade steel and is manufactured to the highest quality standards. The components are then thoroughly tested to ensure optimum performance.

This EPS intermediate shaft provides superior performance and reliability for heavy-duty vehicle applications. It is designed to fit a variety of makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs. It features a one-piece design that is easy to install and remove, and is corrosion-resistant for added durability.

This EPS intermediate shaft is a great addition to any vehicle, providing superior performance and reliability. It is manufactured with the highest quality standards and backed by CARDONE Reman's industry-leading warranty. With its superior strength and durability, it is the perfect choice for automotive and marine applications.

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