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SKF STCK1625 Transfer Case Overhaul Kit

SKF STCK1625 Transfer Case Overhaul Kit

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SKF offers a complete line of Differential, Transfer Case and Transmission Kits for automotive, light duty and commercial applications. Each kit contains high quality bearings, seals and gaskets (where applicable) that meet or exceed original equipment specifications. The premium quality bearings included in each kit contain matching cones and cups. The seals manufactured to SKF's standards, with the patented Bore-Tite coating to increase sealing performance. When applicable, form fitting gaskets and silicone sealant are provided as well. All SKF Differential, Transfer Case, and Transmission Kits contain all the components needed for a complete repair, meaning fewer repairs coming back for costly follow-ups. SKF products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring long life and safety. Transfer Case Rebuild Kit


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