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Edelbrock 8727 Engine Intake Manifold Spacer

Edelbrock 8727 Engine Intake Manifold Spacer

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  • 3821MAN SPCR, 1/2" Base to Upper Spacer for 3821/7126, Engine Intake Manifold Spacer #8727 For Edelbrock Manifold Part #3821, 7126, Ford:Mustang V8:302 (5.0L), Edelbrock Wood Fiber Laminate 1/2" Base to Upper Spacer Plate kit for Performer and Performer RPM 5.0 Manifolds PN's 3821 and PN 7126.
  • Includes spacer plate, gaskets, and bolts.
  • Used to increase valve cover to upper plenum clearance., Edelbrock part #8727 spacer kit includes a 7/16" thick spacer and two .045" thick gaskets for a total thickness of 1/2".
  • The kit also has new base to upper fasteners to accommodate the spacer.
  • There are several benefits to the kit.
  • First it raises the upper manifold 1/2" for increase valve cover to upper plenum clearance.
  • This is needed to run a taller cover such as when roller rockers are used.
  • It also provides heat insulation between the lower and upper manifolds.
  • As a third benefit the 1/2" extra runner length helps to produce more torque.
  • Fits all Performer 5.0 PN 3821 and PN7126 based manifolds., We recommend the use of Edelbrock Gasgacinch (Part #9300) on the intake manifold mounting surfaces of the cylinder head and on the bottom side of the intake manifold gaskets (side without silicon beads).
  • The Gasgacinch will secure the gaskets in place, ensuring a proper seal., Do not overtighten the manifold to base fasteners.
  • Use a short box or open end wrench only., Do not disconnect fuel lines unless absolutely necessary.
  • Special tools and procedures are required to re-install fuel lines., You must check your hood clearance before installation.
  • Due to the 1/2" additional height of the spacer, this spacer will not fit under the stock hood on some vehicles., Engine Intake Manifold Spacer.


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